Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Day of the Mystery

by Candace

It all started when I went into bed. I heard someone yell across the street over the thunder. Although it was loud, I heard light screaming in the distance. It sounded as if it was a girl.

Suddenly, I heard someone yell help. I dashed out of bed. I put on my raincoat and hat and boots. I ran a far distance and looked through a window. There all it was the stabbing of the runaway stabber. His clothes were dark black.

“You nasty old critter, I got you now!” I said.

“Hey, son, I heard there was a stabbing.” said the police captain.

“ Yes, sir, there is, up the hall and to the bedroom.”

“ Thanks, son,”

“Yep.” I answered. “ Man, they’re fast.” I thought to myself.

“Son, do you know how to dust for fingerprints?”

“ Yes, sir .”

“You do?”said the chief.

“It’s a cool mystery. Let’s get back on the story. As I was going to say... Hey! Here it is!”

“Lifeguard, lifeguard,” said Fred.

“Lifeguard? What is that?”

“That is someone who saves someone’s life. We’re dealing with police.

“Hey, son did you say you know how to dust for fingerprints?

“Yes, sir I do.”

“Good, you found out who the stabber is.”

“The stabber is Mr. Wattigin.” I said.

The End

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher

by Jordanne

(Note: I've been home for Thanksgiving this last week. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Since some of you were probably worried all weekend trying to figure out the mystery of where I was, today's story is a mystery...apparently.)

(Also note: The capitalization is the author's.)








Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Thanksgiving Story

by T.J., second grader

The hunter's family was hunting. The hunter heard a gobble. They saw the turkey. "Bang!" went the gun. He hunters ate the turkey. Then the hunters hunted again.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

If I Were Johnny Appleseed, or: The Most Poorly Thought Out Assignment Ever

Just what exactly did Mrs. Zider expect her first graders to say?

If I were Johnny Appleseed I would plant seeds of apple trees.If I were Johnny Appleseed I would plant apple trees.
If I were Johnny Appleseed I would plant trees.If I were Johnny Appleseed I would eat the apples.
If I were Johnny Appleseed I would do the same thing he did like make friends with animals.If I were Johnny Appleseed I would go to New York and every place.

Note: One of those is not a pot.

Friday, November 18, 2005

If I Were the President... pt. 3


If I were president I would go in a pool and do all my work from there. Then I would eat my yummy breakfast and do the rest of my work. And at 11:00 I would go take a nap and at 12:00 I would go eat lunch and go back in the pool. At 5:00 I would eat and do all the rest of my work and then go to bed.


If I were the president I would make speeches like Martin Luther King did. My knees would shake a little. I would have a lot of money, so I would buy a lot of horses. It would be scary when I make speeches because pretty much everybody in the world is watching me. I would have Scottie dogs and Golden Retrievers. I could learn some history from the pictures on the wall and my mom and dad would be so happy because I made president. I could of goten vice-president. I would be okay with signing autographs. I would save some of my money for the hospitals so they would have more supplies.


If I were the president on my first day I would be in the office. In the office there are computers and telephones. My office will have some magic ones to help me write. Then I will use them to make wonderful speeches. Everybody will be happy. I will be the first black woman president.


If I were president I would follow the laws. I would make the world a better place and I would have a big meeting and when the meeting was over everyone would be at peace and have no war. Then I would swim in the pool and jump off the diving board. Then I would go in my office and think of what I did that day.


If I were president I would be a good president but I am only 7 years old. I would have 5 football fields, 2 baseball fields, 1 swimming pool, and 3 theaters. If kids wanted to come, they could. Grown ups could have lots of money and jobs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

If I Were the President... pt. 2


If I were president...I would give everybody in the war $200 if they stopped the war. I would give to the poor money and clothes. I would work hard plus help people solve their problems. I would love to give Santa a break and deliver presents to children!!!


If I were president and it was my first day being president, I would look at what the laws are. After that I would write a speech just in case I would have to give a speech. Making a speech would take a very long time I think. I would put more paint on the White House. I would love to be president.


If I were president I would say no war! My animals would be...121 horses to pull me in a wagon. The buffalo would guard my Whiite House and some hens. The hens would give me eggs. I would also have a Golden Retriever, a Rotwiler, Scottish Terriers, and a Saint Bernard. I would also wash my White House once a week. I love it!!!


If I were president I would say every kid could have as many game systems as they wanted and the game system that they wanted for work. I would bowl. Everytime I didn't get a strike, I would change some laws like anybody could vote as long as they were in school and you could at least be married to run for president.

Final installment tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If I Were the President...

Opinions by Ms. Marshall's 2nd Grade Class


If I were president I would visit schools every now and then. My name would be William R. A new coin would be a 75 cent coin that I would invent. I would be on the front of the new coin. I woud make a new law that you can marry when you are 5 years old. I would be great!


If I were president I would do a lot of paper work. It would be hard. Then I would go to a meeting for 9 hours. Then I would eat. Then I would go to my private room and go to another meeting and go to bed.


I would be the first lady president president and I would be very busy. I would be happy because the White House has stables, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and the best stationary. I would work hard but I am happy with all of the best of the best! But, I have so much stuff I would gve some of it to the people who need it. I love being prsident.

Note: Stationery!


If I were president I and it was my first day, I would make a team to work for me. They would give an announcement to the town. They would say there is a new president. Then they would come back to me. I would say, "Good Work!"

More tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Swan Lake

by Joanna, first grader

Swan LakeOnce upon a time there was a swan named Snow. She loved to dance. Tomorrow is Monday, the day she goes on the stage.

Snow could not dance good because she did not have her dancing shoes. Then a frog came over and brought her shoes. Snow danced good. She was happy and kissed the frog.

The frog turned into a handsome prince. They got married and lived in a magic castle for 160 years.

Note: So the frog is a prince...but she's still a swan, right?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ms. Ross's First Grade, pt. 2

Kodie's story

It is almost Earth Day.
There are five days in a week. There are two days we do not have school. It is almost Earth Day. There are nine days until Earth Day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Liza's story

His mom had babies!My dog lost his bone. He went to the park. He kept looking and looking. He didn't find it. So he just went home. He found it under the bed but when he went to the home, his mom had babies!

James's story

They can't get me.I see a tyrannosarus rex. He is going to eat me! Now I see a brachiosarus. Now I see a pterosaur. They are after me! I should run. They can't get me.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ms. Ross's First Grade

The Tyrannosaurus

The Tyrannosaurus

by Anthony

The tyrannosaurus likes meat. The tyrannosaurs found his mother! They all ate meat together.

Zachary's story

Easter Eggs
I like Ms. Ross because she did help everybody. I like Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs are in the water. They have to be found.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Three Little Pigs

retold by Zachary M., Mrs. Stein's second grade

One day John, Bill, and Jack made one house for all of them one piece of the house was made out straw and the other piece brick one pig got a splinter because one piece of the house was made out of wood.

A wolf came, the streams were clogged. He died in the desert. The three pigs came back from their vacation from Orlando Florida. They went digging in the desert.

Then they went in a pyramid, they saw something shiny. They saw a diamond stuck in the wall. They looked at it with a flashlight to look at the diamond better. The diamond brought to life a wolf.

One pig said, “Holy cow, milk.” The other pig said, “Ah, I can take him.” The last pig said, “What a hologram!” The wolf blew fire.

John said “Don’t worry, we have nine lives. Wait, that’s a cat.” One pig found a torch and burned him. The wolf ran away saying “Ouch.”

The three pigs had a great vacation in Orlando Florida. The pigs had a bad thing. The bad thing was that three wolves were in Orlando Florida.

One pig said, “Here we go again.” Bill said, “Want to go to Mexico?” Jack said, “Yeah, let’s go to Mexico!” But then they saw two wolves. Jack said, “Lets ignore them.” They all agreed, “Yes.”

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mrs. Meyer's K-1 class

These kids are definitely their teacher's students. The front page of Mrs. Meyer's website features a picture of Bill Clinton giving a thumbs-up and says:


My students often hear me say, "Thumbs Up". It's my special way of reminding my students of my high expectations for them. "Thumbs up" also tells my students that they are SUPERSTARS!

And now, the stories:


My Mom told the client to "Get up and get your sweater and put it on." And my Mom said, "That bus ain't going to wait for you."



Peacocks are blue peacocks. These are birds in Africa. They are big birds. And, (I think) they eat fish.

The Shark

I went to Disney World. I got scared when I saw a shark. I went somewhere else.


A vixen is a fox. He lives in grass. The fox lives in the United States of America. He lives in tall grass. He is orange and brown.

My Brother

I went to the hairdresser and my brother ran around the hairdresser. I (was) mad.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What If Hercules Were Alive Today......?

Mrs. Stryksy and Mr. Kramer's fourth graders answer this important question.


If Hercules was still alive I would ask him to fish, hunt , and weave for the Indians to help them live. Or I would ask him to make houses, plant corn, and get a life supply of food so the Indians can live like real people. This is important because if you do not now how to live than you can not live at all. I would also ask Hercules to make a school all children need an education. I wish Hercules was alive to do these things to help the Indians.

Kyle K.

If Hercules were alive today I would give him an impossible mission to build the Twin Towers but stronger and more powerful. He could do that by lifting all the steel bars in place and he could do everything else like put the walls up. He could do it faster than regular people do it and by himself too.

Hercules would also help the army, navy, and the air force by capturing the Taliban. He can do that by trapping the people by throwing boulders around the caves that they are hiding in.

If there is a volcano erupting he can save the people and make sure the lava doesn’t hit any buildings like gas stations. He can do that by putting boulders around the lava as it flows out from the volcano.

If there’s a tornado Hercules can put a big piece of wood in the middle of the tornado to make sure no one gets hurt and if anything breaks he can fix it.


If Hercules was alive today, he could put Mount Everest in the hole of the most dangerous volcano in Hawaii, Mount Mona Luau. He would lift up Mount Everest and stick the point in the hole of Mount Mona Luau. If Mount Mona Luau blew up, Mount Everest would go straight up in the air and fall back in Mount Mona Luau. Some time later, since Mount Everest is so cold, it would make all the magma in Mount Mona Luau freeze. Then Hercules would put Mount Everest back were it was. Hercules would carve a highway underneath the mountain. He would be in all the newspapers like the New York Times. He would be famous in the United States of America, Brazil, Australia, Antarctica, China, and Russia.


If Hercules was alive today an impossible task he would be given is to build a dam through the ocean. He might solve it by gathering wood and having 3 million people helping him. He could get the wood by cutting down trees.


If Hercules were alive today, I would tell him to go try to put a computer together or try to use one. But he would not know how he would use it, or why he would want or how.

So he would try to find a person to help him, but nobody would help him until he got to a place where he saw a big and beautiful house. So he knocked on the door and a teenager opened it. He asked if she would teach him how to use a computer. “Yes,” she said.

Hercules said that he would get all the things they needed for tomorrow. Then he went to the girl’s house to pick her up and get to work. When he got there they worked on putting it together for hours. Finally they finished. The Hercules asked what the girl’s name was and she said Anna. Then she asked what his name was and he said Hercules. Then he told her that his master told him to make a computer and when hew was done to bring it to him. So they did. His master was very pleased.


If Hercules were alive today he would be assigned from the president to tackle the terrorist and criminals. He would put them under extreme super vision. Hercules and Martin Luther King would team up and try to get people from other countries to like each other. Martin Luther King and Hercules could also make people feel happy again especially after the September 11th tragedy in the United States!


If Hercules were alive today, I would ask him to help with the problems of global warming. One way he might help would be to gather up all the icebergs and put them back in the Arctic. Maybe he can take one of them and put it in the world where there is a drought.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A couple of good moral lessons from students of Mrs. Stumbo's class

A Lion Named Molo

by Jordan

One day there was a lion named Molo. Molo he looks nice. Molo is real big. He lived in the jungle. Molo had a problem. Nobody liked him because everybody thinks he is crazy! He started to put on cool clothes and became cool. He feels happy!

A Lion Named Tiara

by Teantra

One day there was a lion named Tiara. She was a girl. She was medium in size. She has a pretty body. She lives in the forest. She has no boyfriend and she wants one. Finally, she puts on make up and she got a boyfriend. I picked this story because I am reminded of my friend Tiara she is the best friend in the world.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Buster's Bad Day

by Autumn

Buster is a dog. He has a seeing disability. That means he can't see. One day, Buster was walking home when he tripped over something. "Oh, my shoe strings." he whimpered. "Excuse me mam, but can you please help me tie my shoes?" he asked politely to someone he sensed in front of him. "Buzz off!" said the lady rudely. Then he realized she was gone. Buster just smiled and sat on a bench at a bus stop. "I'll just wait for my bus."

'Buzz off!'5 minutes later,.....

"Hey! That's my seat!" said a mean bully.

"Oh, of course, how silly of me!" "Here, take it." Buster said in a sad voice. He stumbled all the way home in bed. He layed there and thought for a moment. Then he said, "Goldie (his gold fish) I had a bad day today, but there will always be others."

With that in his mind, he drifted off to sleep.

The moral of the story: Make what you can with what you have!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Two Dogs That Were Lost

by Darran, 2nd grader

One day there were two dogs named Vicious and Giant. One day they were loose and the door was open. They ran out the door. They ran into the jungle. Four men came to kill the dogs but the dogs ran away. The men never ever caught them. Vicious and Giant lived happily ever after. Vicious said to Giant, "I love you".

Best ending ever.

Friday, November 04, 2005


By a student in Mrs. Maxwell's Second Grade class.

This is a story about Ivy. She loved to travel. She helps her family. She loves the airport. She is a member of a club. Ivy traveled around the world. Ivy saw a princess. She saw some fish. Ivy saw a restaurant. Ivy took a bath.

The End

Comment from her classmate:

I think this is a wonderful story. Very well written, imaginative and well thought out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Kid That Turned Into a Wolf

By a student in Mrs. Maxwell's Second Grade class.

Once upon a time, there was a kid that turned into a wolf at night. He had a friend named Tim. One day, at midnight, he went into the woods on skaters. He fell in the river. He found somebody with a hat and a stick. He said, "Whooooooo are you?" He told the wolf-boy that his parents died. And then he said, "I am your grandfather." He was a wolf, too!

He went to school. He went to P.E., then he turned his hand into a wolf-claw. He climbed the longest. He had enemies at his school. He is smart, too. Then he saw Superman and Batman and Spiderman. Then he became famous and rich. He was funny. He said, "Batman is mean." He had a fist. Then he pointed up and his thumb went the other way. Superman said, "Loser," and everybody laughed and laughed and said, "Auuuug."

The End

Comments posted by his classmates:

Aliyou your story was great espeially when the boy had that wolf claw all of the famous characters you named I have seen I have seen all of their movies the character i feel sorry for is christopher reeves (superman) when he fell of that horse anyway your story was great I will be hoping to read your classes stories keep up the good thinking and stories students in ms Maxwell class

i like your story

you should be a author and write books

great thinking

put your mind into stories and books you could be a legend

Your story is non saying it is of the hook

I cant say nothing but your story was great

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dweller of the Cave

Nicholas Krause has written to me in an e-mail, alerting me to an amazing song for grade school level choir:


Click on the link, scroll to the bottom and listen to the clip.

This is a song that I remember singing in elementary school. It first debuted in fourth grade around Halloween. It was an immediate hit in Mrs. Benett's music class. As I remember everybody though it was a pretty awesome song. We sang it again in fifth grade, and until looking up this link I hadn't heard it since then.

My younger brothers also had the pleasure of singing this in elementary school.

Listen to Dweller of the Cave.

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