Friday, November 18, 2005

If I Were the President... pt. 3


If I were president I would go in a pool and do all my work from there. Then I would eat my yummy breakfast and do the rest of my work. And at 11:00 I would go take a nap and at 12:00 I would go eat lunch and go back in the pool. At 5:00 I would eat and do all the rest of my work and then go to bed.


If I were the president I would make speeches like Martin Luther King did. My knees would shake a little. I would have a lot of money, so I would buy a lot of horses. It would be scary when I make speeches because pretty much everybody in the world is watching me. I would have Scottie dogs and Golden Retrievers. I could learn some history from the pictures on the wall and my mom and dad would be so happy because I made president. I could of goten vice-president. I would be okay with signing autographs. I would save some of my money for the hospitals so they would have more supplies.


If I were the president on my first day I would be in the office. In the office there are computers and telephones. My office will have some magic ones to help me write. Then I will use them to make wonderful speeches. Everybody will be happy. I will be the first black woman president.


If I were president I would follow the laws. I would make the world a better place and I would have a big meeting and when the meeting was over everyone would be at peace and have no war. Then I would swim in the pool and jump off the diving board. Then I would go in my office and think of what I did that day.


If I were president I would be a good president but I am only 7 years old. I would have 5 football fields, 2 baseball fields, 1 swimming pool, and 3 theaters. If kids wanted to come, they could. Grown ups could have lots of money and jobs.


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