Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If I Were the President...

Opinions by Ms. Marshall's 2nd Grade Class


If I were president I would visit schools every now and then. My name would be William R. A new coin would be a 75 cent coin that I would invent. I would be on the front of the new coin. I woud make a new law that you can marry when you are 5 years old. I would be great!


If I were president I would do a lot of paper work. It would be hard. Then I would go to a meeting for 9 hours. Then I would eat. Then I would go to my private room and go to another meeting and go to bed.


I would be the first lady president president and I would be very busy. I would be happy because the White House has stables, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and the best stationary. I would work hard but I am happy with all of the best of the best! But, I have so much stuff I would gve some of it to the people who need it. I love being prsident.

Note: Stationery!


If I were president I and it was my first day, I would make a team to work for me. They would give an announcement to the town. They would say there is a new president. Then they would come back to me. I would say, "Good Work!"

More tomorrow...


Blogger Sam M said...

My vote goes to Wolfie...

7:45 PM  

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