Friday, April 27, 2007

Evil Hamsters

by Schecky

Today Boing Boing posted a link to the blog of a mother of an 8-year old who, when assigned to write a "spring time poem," wrote this:

meef saying

What It Means To Be Free

by Daniel Herman, second grader - 2/24/1992

My friend Dan recently dug up this essay he wrote in second grade. The assignment allowed him to write about any topic he wanted. While others wrote about dogs and basketball, he chose to write about freedom.

I will tell you what it means to be free. Our country was once ruled by England but now we are free. There have been many laws passed to make sure that people are free. The Emancipation Proclamation said that the slaves were free. No one could own the slaves and make them work for them. The Declaration of Independence said that we were free. We were free from being ruled by England. These laws are important because some people think everyone should be treated evenly. This means everyone is free to make their own decisions.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's Grow Gills

by Cody, fifth grader

I turned on the news and heard there was going to be a flood. Immediately I screamed with joy. Mom and Dad said what’s the matter? I said there was going to be a flood. They also screamed but not with joy. They panicked. I said to Mom, "Maybe it’s because the polar ice caps melted."
They said, "that’s silly".
I said, "you never know".
They then said, "don’t be stupid".
I said, "why not"?
They couldn’t come up with an answer. My parents asked how will we survive?
I said, "that’s easy".
They said, "how"?
I then said, "Let’s lock up the doors."
They said, "You’re getting stupid again."
I then said, "Let’s" grow gills"! Almost immediately, we grew gills. Right when we grew gills the flood came. It scared my parents. Again I screamed with joy. We then began to fish. They used me as bait. We caught 78 pirhana and 56 sharks. I was having a lot of fun. After the flood was done I said I hope we have another flood. It would be very fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dear My Dog

by Kelsey, fifth grader

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Mystery of the Stolen Money

by Maddie, Consuelo, and Jonah, second graders

Note: I'm posting this mainly because of the terrifying final line.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a King. He had lots of money but then someone stole it. The king was sad but he had helpers named Maddie, Consuelo, and Jonah. The king called his helpers to find the thieves. They did try to help but they couldn't do it because they couldn't find them.

They went to the woods to think of something. When they were there they heard something running. They ran too, except Maddie. She just stood there and kept watching the thieves. Consuelo and Jonah chased after the noise to find out what it was. When they got a little closer they saw something in his hand like a dollar bill.
  • Jonah: Maybe they are the thieves?
  • Consuelo: How do you know?
  • Jonah: Well, they do have the money. Maybe we should go back and tell Maddie what we saw.
When they got there Consuelo told Maddie that they saw the thieves.
  • Maddie: Where?
  • Jonah: Right at the end of the woods. Let's go to the king.
  • King: Why don't you set a trap?
  • Maddie: How?
  • Jonah: First we have to draw a map Maddie.
  • Maddie: What kind of map?
  • Jonah: Well a looking sort of map.
  • Consuelo: OK.
  • Jonah: Now we should go see if it works.
  • Maddie: There they are. Then let's do it!
  • Consuelo: But how?
  • Jonah: Well, it does not matter. Here we go. Now get down.
  • Maddie: We got them, and together!
  • Jonah: Look at the money. We'll see what the king says.
  • King: Well done! Now you go down to the dungeon and you kids get a prize.

The end!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mystery, Mystery

by Maddie, second grader

If everything was a mystery, I wonder what would the world be like? It would be a mystery when you go grocery shopping or read a book. But what would it be like in other places around the world? Would it be a mystery also?

I don't know. If always things were mysteries, we wouldn't know what we know. If everyone around the world was a mystery, we would be mysteries too. Scientists wouldn't be here if the world was a mystery case. They wouldn't know a lot at all. If the world was a mystery, we wouldn't know what to do on weekdays like go to school or make breakfast.

But I'm happy everything's not a mystery because I wouldn't know what I know now.

Chicago Buildings Project

Usually I try to focus just on students' writing rather than artwork, but these third graders' projects are just too awesome to ignore. A few years ago, Ms. Carrasco's class at the Lab School here at the University of Chicago constructed replicas of several architectural landmarks of Chicago out of household materials, including Frank Gehry's Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park:

Pritzker Pavillion

Check out the Lab School site for more of them.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Magic Kente

by Lissette, second grader

A fireman found a piece of cloth. He brought it to his daughter. She liked it. The girl put it on her doll. It started to talk. So she told her dad about it. He did not believe her. Then he went to see and it talked. They fainted.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cotton-tail's Big Fight

by Amanda, second grader

Once upon a time there was a little rabbit by the name of Cotton-tail. She was very lost. So she asked a wizard by the name of Peter to ask directions. But instead of answering Cotton-tail's question, he just turned Cotton-tail purple! Cotton-tail just said over and over "How embarrassing" for a whole day. But then Peter said over and over "How did I do that?" But by accident he turned himself purple! So when Cotton-tail came back crying at her house to see Peter, oh and did she laugh! Peter was very mad at Cotton-tail. He almost felt like pounding her. But she is very smart. When Peter was punching one place, Cotton-tail just went another place. What a smart rabbit! It didn't even look like he was a wizard anymore. It just looked like he was a big steaming pot of lava! Minutes later Peter blew up! Cotton-tail was very happy to tell her friends that she defeated a wizard. Her friends were very happy for her. So they took her out for a victory ice-cream sundae. And Cotton-tail lived happily ever after.

The End

Moral: Don't show off your magic.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Chocolate Riddle

by Nicholas, second grader

Why did the m&m goe to the bank?

Answer: To turn into a chocolate dollar.

Why did the m&m goe to the bank?

My Wish

by Janice, second grader

I wish that my toy monkey would come to life. I would take care of him. And I would not torture him. And if I did I would smack myself. I would sleep with it every day. I would teach it gymnastics. I would be sad if he had to turn back into a stuffed animal. I would cry every day. But I would still sleep with him though.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Favorite Movie is the Hulk

by Israel, second grader

The sound of the dogs screaming like dinosaurs
The sound of the trees falling down
The sound of the Hulk killing the brown dog
The Hulk spitting the missile at the helicopter
The Hulk smashing an army tank
The poodle looking like a goat

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Most Important Thing About Hawaii

by Johan, second grader

The most important thing about Hawaii is that it is very different that Wisconsin or Sweden.

Hawaii has good bands of music all the time. It also has a lot of trees with coconuts, a lot of sea turtles, a lot of other fish, and fruit that we like to eat. It has a lot of other animals too. Hawaii has 9 feet tall waves. You can surf in, too.

The most important thing about Hawaii is that it is very different that Wisconsin or Sweden.

Very different than Wisconsin or Sweden.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Peace Pledges

by Mrs. Bates's first graders

My hope for peace is to use words instead of weapons and BB-guns.

My peace pledge is to call the Police when I need help.

My peace pledge is don't shoot bows and arrows because they kill people.

My peace pledge is to use love, not fists.

My peace pledge is don't play with guns around town shooting people.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Hairy Beard

by Michael, first grader

I have to cut my beard
I have a beard.
It is
I have to cut
my beard.

Note: The class website this was originally posted on also included the following images for some reason.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Have a Dream...

This one is just... devastating.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Rainy Day Writing

by Ms. Nelson's first graders

I just sat there with Najima and Kyle F. Then me and Kyle F. and Najima played super girls and boys. Kyle F. was the bad guy. Then we did...
What! It was our bedtime!

Vin Chai
I hate the rainy day. Me you hate it too. I don't like it at all even me. I'm not having fun at all. Me think that's not good. I hate it very much.

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