Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All About Puppies

by Daziz, second grader

Table of Contents
1. puppy
2. grow up to be a dog
3. dogs
4. finding a home

After a dog come out it mom stomach it is called a..
PUPPY. It can’t run or play. Puppys are mammals.
Puppy’s are warm blooded.
Puppy’s live allmost everywhere.
Puppies are very, very, very... CUTE!

Growing up to be a dog
After a few weeks or months a puppy can run and play but only a little bit. Some puppies are trained.

My dog’s name is Casper. He’s an American Eskimo.
He’s white and very, very furry.

Anyway my dog is kind of trained . Stop talking about
my dog, Dog!

Now this puppy is officially a dog. Now she [or he] can run fast and play alot. Some dogs look small and they are still a grown up. My dog is only 3.

Curses me! I always talk about my dog.
My dog’s birthday is July 2, 2003. Curses me again.

Finding a home
Now the dog has to find a home and make sure she[or he] likes the house. What dogs need is:
and somebody that loves her[or him].

Casper’s owner is...ME, NEN-E, DWYANE, DEVIN and DANA.



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