Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What If Hercules Were Alive Today......?

Mrs. Stryksy and Mr. Kramer's fourth graders answer this important question.


If Hercules was still alive I would ask him to fish, hunt , and weave for the Indians to help them live. Or I would ask him to make houses, plant corn, and get a life supply of food so the Indians can live like real people. This is important because if you do not now how to live than you can not live at all. I would also ask Hercules to make a school all children need an education. I wish Hercules was alive to do these things to help the Indians.

Kyle K.

If Hercules were alive today I would give him an impossible mission to build the Twin Towers but stronger and more powerful. He could do that by lifting all the steel bars in place and he could do everything else like put the walls up. He could do it faster than regular people do it and by himself too.

Hercules would also help the army, navy, and the air force by capturing the Taliban. He can do that by trapping the people by throwing boulders around the caves that they are hiding in.

If there is a volcano erupting he can save the people and make sure the lava doesn’t hit any buildings like gas stations. He can do that by putting boulders around the lava as it flows out from the volcano.

If there’s a tornado Hercules can put a big piece of wood in the middle of the tornado to make sure no one gets hurt and if anything breaks he can fix it.


If Hercules was alive today, he could put Mount Everest in the hole of the most dangerous volcano in Hawaii, Mount Mona Luau. He would lift up Mount Everest and stick the point in the hole of Mount Mona Luau. If Mount Mona Luau blew up, Mount Everest would go straight up in the air and fall back in Mount Mona Luau. Some time later, since Mount Everest is so cold, it would make all the magma in Mount Mona Luau freeze. Then Hercules would put Mount Everest back were it was. Hercules would carve a highway underneath the mountain. He would be in all the newspapers like the New York Times. He would be famous in the United States of America, Brazil, Australia, Antarctica, China, and Russia.


If Hercules was alive today an impossible task he would be given is to build a dam through the ocean. He might solve it by gathering wood and having 3 million people helping him. He could get the wood by cutting down trees.


If Hercules were alive today, I would tell him to go try to put a computer together or try to use one. But he would not know how he would use it, or why he would want or how.

So he would try to find a person to help him, but nobody would help him until he got to a place where he saw a big and beautiful house. So he knocked on the door and a teenager opened it. He asked if she would teach him how to use a computer. “Yes,” she said.

Hercules said that he would get all the things they needed for tomorrow. Then he went to the girl’s house to pick her up and get to work. When he got there they worked on putting it together for hours. Finally they finished. The Hercules asked what the girl’s name was and she said Anna. Then she asked what his name was and he said Hercules. Then he told her that his master told him to make a computer and when hew was done to bring it to him. So they did. His master was very pleased.


If Hercules were alive today he would be assigned from the president to tackle the terrorist and criminals. He would put them under extreme super vision. Hercules and Martin Luther King would team up and try to get people from other countries to like each other. Martin Luther King and Hercules could also make people feel happy again especially after the September 11th tragedy in the United States!


If Hercules were alive today, I would ask him to help with the problems of global warming. One way he might help would be to gather up all the icebergs and put them back in the Arctic. Maybe he can take one of them and put it in the world where there is a drought.


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