Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Three Little Pigs

retold by Zachary M., Mrs. Stein's second grade

One day John, Bill, and Jack made one house for all of them one piece of the house was made out straw and the other piece brick one pig got a splinter because one piece of the house was made out of wood.

A wolf came, the streams were clogged. He died in the desert. The three pigs came back from their vacation from Orlando Florida. They went digging in the desert.

Then they went in a pyramid, they saw something shiny. They saw a diamond stuck in the wall. They looked at it with a flashlight to look at the diamond better. The diamond brought to life a wolf.

One pig said, “Holy cow, milk.” The other pig said, “Ah, I can take him.” The last pig said, “What a hologram!” The wolf blew fire.

John said “Don’t worry, we have nine lives. Wait, that’s a cat.” One pig found a torch and burned him. The wolf ran away saying “Ouch.”

The three pigs had a great vacation in Orlando Florida. The pigs had a bad thing. The bad thing was that three wolves were in Orlando Florida.

One pig said, “Here we go again.” Bill said, “Want to go to Mexico?” Jack said, “Yeah, let’s go to Mexico!” But then they saw two wolves. Jack said, “Lets ignore them.” They all agreed, “Yes.”


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Ahhh Brilliant.

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