Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's Grow Gills

by Cody, fifth grader

I turned on the news and heard there was going to be a flood. Immediately I screamed with joy. Mom and Dad said what’s the matter? I said there was going to be a flood. They also screamed but not with joy. They panicked. I said to Mom, "Maybe it’s because the polar ice caps melted."
They said, "that’s silly".
I said, "you never know".
They then said, "don’t be stupid".
I said, "why not"?
They couldn’t come up with an answer. My parents asked how will we survive?
I said, "that’s easy".
They said, "how"?
I then said, "Let’s lock up the doors."
They said, "You’re getting stupid again."
I then said, "Let’s" grow gills"! Almost immediately, we grew gills. Right when we grew gills the flood came. It scared my parents. Again I screamed with joy. We then began to fish. They used me as bait. We caught 78 pirhana and 56 sharks. I was having a lot of fun. After the flood was done I said I hope we have another flood. It would be very fun!


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