Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Mystery of the Stolen Money

by Maddie, Consuelo, and Jonah, second graders

Note: I'm posting this mainly because of the terrifying final line.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a King. He had lots of money but then someone stole it. The king was sad but he had helpers named Maddie, Consuelo, and Jonah. The king called his helpers to find the thieves. They did try to help but they couldn't do it because they couldn't find them.

They went to the woods to think of something. When they were there they heard something running. They ran too, except Maddie. She just stood there and kept watching the thieves. Consuelo and Jonah chased after the noise to find out what it was. When they got a little closer they saw something in his hand like a dollar bill.
  • Jonah: Maybe they are the thieves?
  • Consuelo: How do you know?
  • Jonah: Well, they do have the money. Maybe we should go back and tell Maddie what we saw.
When they got there Consuelo told Maddie that they saw the thieves.
  • Maddie: Where?
  • Jonah: Right at the end of the woods. Let's go to the king.
  • King: Why don't you set a trap?
  • Maddie: How?
  • Jonah: First we have to draw a map Maddie.
  • Maddie: What kind of map?
  • Jonah: Well a looking sort of map.
  • Consuelo: OK.
  • Jonah: Now we should go see if it works.
  • Maddie: There they are. Then let's do it!
  • Consuelo: But how?
  • Jonah: Well, it does not matter. Here we go. Now get down.
  • Maddie: We got them, and together!
  • Jonah: Look at the money. We'll see what the king says.
  • King: Well done! Now you go down to the dungeon and you kids get a prize.

The end!


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