Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Kid That Turned Into a Wolf

By a student in Mrs. Maxwell's Second Grade class.

Once upon a time, there was a kid that turned into a wolf at night. He had a friend named Tim. One day, at midnight, he went into the woods on skaters. He fell in the river. He found somebody with a hat and a stick. He said, "Whooooooo are you?" He told the wolf-boy that his parents died. And then he said, "I am your grandfather." He was a wolf, too!

He went to school. He went to P.E., then he turned his hand into a wolf-claw. He climbed the longest. He had enemies at his school. He is smart, too. Then he saw Superman and Batman and Spiderman. Then he became famous and rich. He was funny. He said, "Batman is mean." He had a fist. Then he pointed up and his thumb went the other way. Superman said, "Loser," and everybody laughed and laughed and said, "Auuuug."

The End

Comments posted by his classmates:

Aliyou your story was great espeially when the boy had that wolf claw all of the famous characters you named I have seen I have seen all of their movies the character i feel sorry for is christopher reeves (superman) when he fell of that horse anyway your story was great I will be hoping to read your classes stories keep up the good thinking and stories students in ms Maxwell class

i like your story

you should be a author and write books

great thinking

put your mind into stories and books you could be a legend

Your story is non saying it is of the hook

I cant say nothing but your story was great


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