Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Day of the Mystery

by Candace

It all started when I went into bed. I heard someone yell across the street over the thunder. Although it was loud, I heard light screaming in the distance. It sounded as if it was a girl.

Suddenly, I heard someone yell help. I dashed out of bed. I put on my raincoat and hat and boots. I ran a far distance and looked through a window. There all it was the stabbing of the runaway stabber. His clothes were dark black.

“You nasty old critter, I got you now!” I said.

“Hey, son, I heard there was a stabbing.” said the police captain.

“ Yes, sir, there is, up the hall and to the bedroom.”

“ Thanks, son,”

“Yep.” I answered. “ Man, they’re fast.” I thought to myself.

“Son, do you know how to dust for fingerprints?”

“ Yes, sir .”

“You do?”said the chief.

“It’s a cool mystery. Let’s get back on the story. As I was going to say... Hey! Here it is!”

“Lifeguard, lifeguard,” said Fred.

“Lifeguard? What is that?”

“That is someone who saves someone’s life. We’re dealing with police.

“Hey, son did you say you know how to dust for fingerprints?

“Yes, sir I do.”

“Good, you found out who the stabber is.”

“The stabber is Mr. Wattigin.” I said.

The End


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