Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Pot

by Sarah

There was once a boy named Nicholas Bean. He lived in Topeka, Kansas with his mother Ms. Bean. Nicholas looked and acted like a bean. He always asked his mom to cook him in the oven so he could get a tan. Nicholas had only one enemy, a cooking pot, whose name was Mr. Topachacco.

One day he said to his mom, "How am I ever going to get this pot away from me? It told me its name mommy".

"Then what is his name?", Ms.Bean declared.

"His name is Mr.Topachacco and he said that he was going to eat me," explained Nicholas. When everybody was asleep that night, the pot went in Nicholas' room and woke him up.

Mr.Topachacco whispered in Nicholas' ear, "Tomorrow when you get back from school you will be cooked and eaten by me. You made your death wish when you told your mom about me yesterday."

The next morning Nicholas woke up ran into his mother's room screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! I want to go to that day care!".

"Why don't you want to go to that day care now?", questioned Mother.

"Well because... because....".

"Well come on, say it," Mother muttered.

"Because the pot said he was going to kill me because I told you that he was alive," Nicholas informed her.

"Are you sure you're feeling ok honey?", she asked sarcastically.

"Yes mom!", shouted Nicholas.You made your death wish when you told your mom about me yesterday.

The next day Nicholas forgot all about that old pot, but when he came home from school, he saw the pot with a knife in his hand. Nicholas dropped his backpack and ran. The pot hopped right after him.

Nick's mom came home and saw Nicholas's backpack on the floor and his school work scattered all over the place. Then she saw the pot with one of her kitchen knives and Nicholas pinned up against a wall, shivering and crying. When she saw what the pot was about to do, she picked it up and kicked it out the door. Nicholas and Ms.Bean never saw that nasty old pot again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crystal's 14th Birthday Party

by Clairessa

It was my sister Crystal's birthday 2 years ago and she invited some of our cousins and friends to come over. I told Crystal, "I am going to tell everyone to dip your head in the cake." Then she said, "You better not." I went to tell all of her friends about it. "Sing happy birthday then we will put her head in the cake." We sang happy birthday, but they forgot to dip her face in the cake. "Dip Crystals head in the cake." I whispered to my cousin Veronica. Then she told her friends to do it. Before Crystal cut the cake, Veronica and her friends whispered, "1,2,3," and they got the cake and dipped her face in it. She said, "I can't believe you guys did that to me!" and then she got mad at me. In the morning they put shaving cream on each other. Then they dared Crystal's friend Jessica to eat something with an egg but it wasn’t cooked and she did it. Everybody had fun. Before everyone left Crystal said " Thank you for coming."

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Big Fake

by Jeremiah, also the author of yesterday's wonderful essay

Once my cousin and I went to the park to see my other cousin play volleyball. We told her, "We’re going to the cemetery to visit my uncle.’’ Then I went to the mortuary to buy some flowers, to decorate my uncle’s grave. The florist said, "The flowers cost $20.00.’’ I went to go get the money from my cousin, but when I arrived he wasn’t there. I went back inside the mortuary, went into the morgue and opened all the coffins. Then I opened the last one and he was inside covered with ketchup and acting like he had been killed. I got so scared that I fainted. After we set up a funeral for him we found out he got killed by a pumpkin. The pumpkin said, "Go inside the coffin and act like you're dead."




Sunday, December 11, 2005

Imagine the Possibilities

by Jeremiah

My Possibility of imagining is to imagine my aunt being married to The Rock (a famous pro-wrestler). If they get married, the Rock will be my new uncle. My aunt likes the Rock.

If they get married, the Rock will be my new uncle.My aunt has a lot of Rock collections. She has her own room that is covered with the Rock. She has the Rock Book, blanket, magazine, Valentines Cards taped to her mirror, posters, a poster that she made of the Rock, a Rock necklace, Rock shirt, the bramo bull tattoo that the Rock has, and a lot of other stuff that I can’t even name.

On July of 1998 my aunt, 5 of my cousins, and I went to the arena to see the Rock, wrestle just for my aunt to see. My cousins and I were wearing wrestling shirts. My aunt was wearing her jump suit.

Every Thursday at 7:30pm my aunt hop’s in the shower to get washed up for the Rock on smack down at 8:00pm. She puts on her Rock pajamas and gets ready for the Rock. She makes her own sign that says MY SEAT ISN"T ANY GOOD! You know when you’re at home and not at the smack down.

In conclusion, you should see my aunt’s room and her self to believe it. So what do you think about my paper? Can ya smell what the Rock is cookin!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Big Fall

by Edgardo

I was walking along the Grand Canyon and suddenly I saw a bright light heading towards me. All I felt was myself falling further and further down. All I remember was waking up on a cloud.

Friday, December 09, 2005

My Dog Muffin

by James

It all started on a Saturday when I was home alone.

Then I found a dog in my backyard for my birthday present.

Why was it there? The dog was very playful. I named the dog Muffin because she liked to chase tennis balls. That is just the start of my story.

Next in my dogs life she got very very sick and she almost died. But she did not. She had dogititis so I took her to the vet. I saved her and she got better.

Then I got another dog. A pit bull. It was a mean dog! It was so mean that it killed 4 dogs . Then it killed 8 more dogs. It killed muffin because it was getting mad at it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Today was the first very heavy snowfall here in Chicago, signalling that it's about time this blog started to get into the Christmas spirit. So, here are some poems about nutcrackers by fifth-graders from California.


Oh nutcracker
Oh nutcracker
Crack me some walnuts
Oh nutcracker
Oh nutcracker
You’re crazy and nuts


Nutcracker Nutcracker how are you?
Nutcracker Nutcracker I love you.
Nutcracker Nutcracker crack my nut.
Nutcracker Nutcracker thank you very much.


The nut
Needs to be cracked
By someone in blue
And his name is John the Bomb
The cracker’s
Name is Richy Itchy
Richy Itchy cracked and John the Bomb helped


Nutcracker oh Nutcracker
Why oh Why did you have to be alive?
I do not like you one bit
Nutcracker oh Nutcracker
Why oh Why do you have to be so mean?
To those precious nut’s that you crack
You hurt there feelings When you do that
Nutcracker oh Nutcracker
Why oh Why do you have to do that?

Bad oh Nutcracker


The nutcracker went to the mall bought his mom a house. He went to go home and wrapped it. The nutcracker went to the mall bought his sister a car he went home wrapped it up and put it under the tree.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Boy Cried

by Tasha, 5th grader

Brian is always crying. As soon as he steps out his front door he falls to the ground kicking his feet up in the air, screaming and hitting his fists on the ground.

Just a while ago he was running up and down the street screaming his head off.

He pulls his hair out when he runs. He pulls his little sister’s off their bikes.

When his eyes turn blood shot red he screams even louder.

He is wearing a green shirt that is soaked by his tears, and his black pants are wet too.

Brian gives me a headache.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In the News

I guess this is a real blog now.

Tree Decorated by Okla. Students Removed

OKLAHOMA CITY - A Christmas tree that elementary school students decorated with discarded lottery tickets was removed from the state Capitol over the weekend after a lawmaker complained it was inappropriate.

Rep. Randy Terrill, who opposes the lottery, said he spotted the tree on Wednesday when it was erected as part of the governor's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The Republican lawmaker called the Westwood Elementary School principal, who apologized and asked the governor's office to remove the tree.

Sherry Fair, spokeswoman for Oklahoma City Public Schools, said the teachers and children did not intend to offend anyone. The teachers went to various convenience stores and got used lottery tickets, which were cut into various geometric shapes and placed on the tree.

"They had been studying about the lottery and understood that the lottery money benefits public schools," Fair said. "They came up with a theme about the gift of education."

Terrill said the principal had invited him to talk to students at the school.

Paul Sund, a spokesman for Gov. Brad Henry, said the governor's office had nothing to do with decorating the tree and referred questions to the school district. The office of the state school superintendent selects the schools that decorate the trees.

You can read the principal's blog here.

The school's slogan, according to its website, is The Hippest School In America. Hmm.

The Hippest School in America The Hippest Beck in America

More stories soon.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Venn Diagrams

by Ms. Marques' 3rd Grade Class

Mammals/Brown Things/Nocturnal

Knights/Flying Things


Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Day in the Life of a Nickel


Wesley was playing with the money in his piggy bank. He took out a shiny new nickel to play with.
Wesley had a model airplane and he put the shiny nickel on it.
he nickel was about to fly on a plane and he was afraid to fly!
He went so high he could see the ceiling fan whirling around.
Then the plane turned up side down and he fell out!
A green thing was waiting for him when he hit the ground.
It was a screaming pickle that had escaped from the pickle jar.

The pickle ate the nickel!
A ninja pickle beat up Screaming Pickle and crammed him back onto the jar.
They lived happily ever after!

About the author: Conor is quite a character. He is a lot of fun when he is playing kickball.


Note: Worst variation on that name ever.

Once there was a nickel and the man who owned the nickel bought a pickle.
The nickel was sent to the bank.
A Japanese man robbed the bank and stole the nickel.
He wanted to buy a plane ticket and travel around the world.
The first place he went was Brazil. He wanted to study the wandering spider that lives there. He learned it was the most venomous bug known to man.
He then flew to Africa to study the goliath beetle. That is the largest beetle in the world.
Madagascar was his next destination. He landed and sought out the hissing cockroach.

He learned that the breathing holes on his side are used to force air out with great pressure. That is what makes the famous hissing sound.
He went back to the United States to study the black widow spider. He had discovered that it spins a silk similar to caterpillars. They use it to wrap up their prey in sort of cocoon. The genetic code is different but the use is similar to the worms.
Unbeknownst to him the police and scientist had genetically altered a spider. They had made it the size of an elephant!
The police knew he would be coming to town to study this newly discovered spider. They lured him to the zoo where the spider was in a huge cage.
The man wondered why a little spider would need such a large enclosure. But as he approached the cage the spider snuck up behind him!
The spider very quickly shot out a drag line and pulled the man to him. He wrapped him in silk and encased him in a cocoon. He then bit him, sucking his juices out. THE END!

About the author: Evyn is bright and articulate as you can see by his wonderful story. Evyn loves to read both fiction and nonfiction books. He has a special interest in cockroaches and other bugs.


I had a nickel and I bought a crunchy European pickle.
Then I dropped it in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Something made a swashing sound and a car had run over it
I picked it up. Then some one ran by and stole the pickle from me. They took it back into Wal-Mart and returned it!
The cashier dropped it! The wind blew it out of the store.
A tornado picked it up and catapulted it into orbit.
The pickle was never seen again.

About the author: Kyle has a wonderful imagination. He is creative and very intelligent. Kyle has a terrific personality.

(Note: The fates of all these pickles is kind of disturbing. Someone's family must need them.
...inside joke. Zing!)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Air Walking People with Flying Cars

by José

One sunny morning I was walking across the street and it was deserted. I had looked everywhere except up so I looked up and I saw everybody walking on air. I said, “What are they doing up there?!?”

This cool looking Mexican guy said, “I don’t know, I think it is the new shoes that are being sold at Payless.”

“No way! I said, “I am going to buy some of those shoes so I could fly. Watch me! I am going to be doing back flips, front flips, cartwheels, and all types of tricks. Too bad they don’t make cars that fly too. If they did I would be so happy I would do anything to get one.”

“They are also being sold at Kid’s Foot Locker for $5.00.” Then I turned around.

When I turned back, I saw the cool looking Mexican guy had a flying car. I was following him to know where he bought the car, but the car was too fast. I kept looking for 5 days and 5 nights then I gave up.

Then the cool looking Mexican guy just popped out of nowhere. He said, "Meet me at the downtown mall. Don’t tell anyone I am here, and hurry up. I will be waiting tomorrow at midnight."

I said “O.K.”

The next morning I said to myself, "What does he want me for? Maybe he wants to give me the flying car. No maybe it is because he is going to tell me were to buy the car. Maybe he makes the cars. Well I need to go.”

A few minutes later he got there. He yelled out “Hello! Anybody here?” He turned around and saw something move, so I turned back and I saw him in my face.

I asked him, “What do you want me for?”

He said, “I am the one who makes the shoes and the cars. Don’t tell anyone or you will be sorry”

“Yes I guessed right!”

The end

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Fat Lip

by Gabe T.

Ha Ha Ha! You’re it! Some friends and I were playing tricks. I got out my belt and became a cowboy. I started doing ninja stuff and pretended to use nunchucks. I swung it around my neck.

Wham! Next thing I knew I got a nasty taste in my mouth. I spit it out. I had a bunch of blood in my mouth.

So I went to my bathroom to get a washcloth and get all of the blood off my face. I looked at my lip. I had a hole through my lip.

When I went to school the next day, everybody teased me. When I got back home, all my friends teased me.

A week later I didn’t have a fat lip. All of the friends that teased me had fat lips.

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