Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why Dog Fight With Cat

by Do Yeop, second grader

Because I listen at story one day people lost the ring and dog
and cat want to find the ring.

and cat said to mouse if you bring the ring and I will not eat you.

and mouse bring the ring and cat and dog was happy and cat
bring the ring and cat go to home first and people said, “Good,
nice cat,” and dog coming and people said, “Dog, next time help
the cat .” That's why dog and cat fight.

next page is another story.

One day Jonny go to fishing and he catch the 28 sun fish next
day . He catch the 20 fish again and he go to home but fish stick
is not get out. And that was big fish and all America people help
and he get a big fish . the end , it was in this story from 2 ,
different story thank for see this book


Anonymous Sondra said...

Great work.

9:31 PM  

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