Friday, August 24, 2007

If I Were President I Would...

by Mrs. Wallin's and Mrs. VanVeldhuizen's kindergarteners

Sierra B. - let everyone eat ice cream.
Faith - go out for supper every night at Carlos O'Kellys.
Alexis - make a safe law.
Kendall - make people clean up their houses.
Scott - boss people around.
Parker - go to a hotel 99 times.
Andrew - want everyone to eat Cheerios for breakfast at school.
Damion - say no going outside.
Hunter - make everyone take a nap.
Dylan - have people eat 100 chocolate bars.
Autumn - spend money on gold.
Madison K. - live in Lake Mills forever.
Libby - eat snacks for dinner.
Lydia - let everyone have a snowball fight, but make sure there was no ice in it.
Hannah - have ice cream for supper everyday.
Luke - make people go hunting and play video games.
Cael - make moms and dads go to daycare and do homework.
Tyler - go to school.
Julissa - let kids drive when they're 14.
Jareth - make people order a pepperoni pizza for lunch everyday.
Sierra M. - have a messy room.
Max - keep working.


Anonymous The Herm said...

Alexis heart is in the right place, but I support Max for president.

10:54 PM  

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