Thursday, November 17, 2005

If I Were the President... pt. 2


If I were president...I would give everybody in the war $200 if they stopped the war. I would give to the poor money and clothes. I would work hard plus help people solve their problems. I would love to give Santa a break and deliver presents to children!!!


If I were president and it was my first day being president, I would look at what the laws are. After that I would write a speech just in case I would have to give a speech. Making a speech would take a very long time I think. I would put more paint on the White House. I would love to be president.


If I were president I would say no war! My animals would be...121 horses to pull me in a wagon. The buffalo would guard my Whiite House and some hens. The hens would give me eggs. I would also have a Golden Retriever, a Rotwiler, Scottish Terriers, and a Saint Bernard. I would also wash my White House once a week. I love it!!!


If I were president I would say every kid could have as many game systems as they wanted and the game system that they wanted for work. I would bowl. Everytime I didn't get a strike, I would change some laws like anybody could vote as long as they were in school and you could at least be married to run for president.

Final installment tomorrow...


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