Saturday, December 03, 2005

Air Walking People with Flying Cars

by José

One sunny morning I was walking across the street and it was deserted. I had looked everywhere except up so I looked up and I saw everybody walking on air. I said, “What are they doing up there?!?”

This cool looking Mexican guy said, “I don’t know, I think it is the new shoes that are being sold at Payless.”

“No way! I said, “I am going to buy some of those shoes so I could fly. Watch me! I am going to be doing back flips, front flips, cartwheels, and all types of tricks. Too bad they don’t make cars that fly too. If they did I would be so happy I would do anything to get one.”

“They are also being sold at Kid’s Foot Locker for $5.00.” Then I turned around.

When I turned back, I saw the cool looking Mexican guy had a flying car. I was following him to know where he bought the car, but the car was too fast. I kept looking for 5 days and 5 nights then I gave up.

Then the cool looking Mexican guy just popped out of nowhere. He said, "Meet me at the downtown mall. Don’t tell anyone I am here, and hurry up. I will be waiting tomorrow at midnight."

I said “O.K.”

The next morning I said to myself, "What does he want me for? Maybe he wants to give me the flying car. No maybe it is because he is going to tell me were to buy the car. Maybe he makes the cars. Well I need to go.”

A few minutes later he got there. He yelled out “Hello! Anybody here?” He turned around and saw something move, so I turned back and I saw him in my face.

I asked him, “What do you want me for?”

He said, “I am the one who makes the shoes and the cars. Don’t tell anyone or you will be sorry”

“Yes I guessed right!”

The end


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