Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crystal's 14th Birthday Party

by Clairessa

It was my sister Crystal's birthday 2 years ago and she invited some of our cousins and friends to come over. I told Crystal, "I am going to tell everyone to dip your head in the cake." Then she said, "You better not." I went to tell all of her friends about it. "Sing happy birthday then we will put her head in the cake." We sang happy birthday, but they forgot to dip her face in the cake. "Dip Crystals head in the cake." I whispered to my cousin Veronica. Then she told her friends to do it. Before Crystal cut the cake, Veronica and her friends whispered, "1,2,3," and they got the cake and dipped her face in it. She said, "I can't believe you guys did that to me!" and then she got mad at me. In the morning they put shaving cream on each other. Then they dared Crystal's friend Jessica to eat something with an egg but it wasn’t cooked and she did it. Everybody had fun. Before everyone left Crystal said " Thank you for coming."


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