Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Day in the Life of a Nickel


Wesley was playing with the money in his piggy bank. He took out a shiny new nickel to play with.
Wesley had a model airplane and he put the shiny nickel on it.
he nickel was about to fly on a plane and he was afraid to fly!
He went so high he could see the ceiling fan whirling around.
Then the plane turned up side down and he fell out!
A green thing was waiting for him when he hit the ground.
It was a screaming pickle that had escaped from the pickle jar.

The pickle ate the nickel!
A ninja pickle beat up Screaming Pickle and crammed him back onto the jar.
They lived happily ever after!

About the author: Conor is quite a character. He is a lot of fun when he is playing kickball.


Note: Worst variation on that name ever.

Once there was a nickel and the man who owned the nickel bought a pickle.
The nickel was sent to the bank.
A Japanese man robbed the bank and stole the nickel.
He wanted to buy a plane ticket and travel around the world.
The first place he went was Brazil. He wanted to study the wandering spider that lives there. He learned it was the most venomous bug known to man.
He then flew to Africa to study the goliath beetle. That is the largest beetle in the world.
Madagascar was his next destination. He landed and sought out the hissing cockroach.

He learned that the breathing holes on his side are used to force air out with great pressure. That is what makes the famous hissing sound.
He went back to the United States to study the black widow spider. He had discovered that it spins a silk similar to caterpillars. They use it to wrap up their prey in sort of cocoon. The genetic code is different but the use is similar to the worms.
Unbeknownst to him the police and scientist had genetically altered a spider. They had made it the size of an elephant!
The police knew he would be coming to town to study this newly discovered spider. They lured him to the zoo where the spider was in a huge cage.
The man wondered why a little spider would need such a large enclosure. But as he approached the cage the spider snuck up behind him!
The spider very quickly shot out a drag line and pulled the man to him. He wrapped him in silk and encased him in a cocoon. He then bit him, sucking his juices out. THE END!

About the author: Evyn is bright and articulate as you can see by his wonderful story. Evyn loves to read both fiction and nonfiction books. He has a special interest in cockroaches and other bugs.


I had a nickel and I bought a crunchy European pickle.
Then I dropped it in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Something made a swashing sound and a car had run over it
I picked it up. Then some one ran by and stole the pickle from me. They took it back into Wal-Mart and returned it!
The cashier dropped it! The wind blew it out of the store.
A tornado picked it up and catapulted it into orbit.
The pickle was never seen again.

About the author: Kyle has a wonderful imagination. He is creative and very intelligent. Kyle has a terrific personality.

(Note: The fates of all these pickles is kind of disturbing. Someone's family must need them.
...inside joke. Zing!)


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