Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Pot

by Sarah

There was once a boy named Nicholas Bean. He lived in Topeka, Kansas with his mother Ms. Bean. Nicholas looked and acted like a bean. He always asked his mom to cook him in the oven so he could get a tan. Nicholas had only one enemy, a cooking pot, whose name was Mr. Topachacco.

One day he said to his mom, "How am I ever going to get this pot away from me? It told me its name mommy".

"Then what is his name?", Ms.Bean declared.

"His name is Mr.Topachacco and he said that he was going to eat me," explained Nicholas. When everybody was asleep that night, the pot went in Nicholas' room and woke him up.

Mr.Topachacco whispered in Nicholas' ear, "Tomorrow when you get back from school you will be cooked and eaten by me. You made your death wish when you told your mom about me yesterday."

The next morning Nicholas woke up ran into his mother's room screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! I want to go to that day care!".

"Why don't you want to go to that day care now?", questioned Mother.

"Well because... because....".

"Well come on, say it," Mother muttered.

"Because the pot said he was going to kill me because I told you that he was alive," Nicholas informed her.

"Are you sure you're feeling ok honey?", she asked sarcastically.

"Yes mom!", shouted Nicholas.You made your death wish when you told your mom about me yesterday.

The next day Nicholas forgot all about that old pot, but when he came home from school, he saw the pot with a knife in his hand. Nicholas dropped his backpack and ran. The pot hopped right after him.

Nick's mom came home and saw Nicholas's backpack on the floor and his school work scattered all over the place. Then she saw the pot with one of her kitchen knives and Nicholas pinned up against a wall, shivering and crying. When she saw what the pot was about to do, she picked it up and kicked it out the door. Nicholas and Ms.Bean never saw that nasty old pot again.


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