Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cupid's Arrow

What would happen to you if Cupid shot your with his arrow and you fell in love with the first thing you laid eyes on? What would it be? What would you do?

Once I was in Kentucky with my family trying to catch some wild horses while riding on our horses. My horse was a pinto. Her name was Sugar. I saw something in the sky coming closer and closer but then I realized it was CUPID in the sky. I saw him pulling something back. It was a bow and arrow. He let the arrow go. It was coming right towards me. Then it hit me. I fell off my pinto. I wasn't hurt but I was wondering what happened and the first thing I saw was my pinto. I fell in love with my pinto. When we got back, I slept with my pinto every single day. I fed her. I would ride her. I saw Cupid again. He shot me. I saw my two dogs. Now I love them and my horse.

One day I was waiting in line for Kentucky Fried Chicken. And then all of a suddent Cupid shot me with an arrow and the first thing I fell in love with was Kentucky Fried Chicken. I went everywhere with that piece of fried chicken. And one day I took my piece of chicken and I was so hungry that I took home and wrong piece of chicken and ate the one that I love. I never found out.

I was minding my own business and our principal strolled into the room and Cupid appeared and shot me. I said hi to her and I love you. So she hauled me off to her office and asked me to repeat what I had been saying the whole time. I said that I love you. She thought I was as mad as a hatter. She called my mom and said your son is mad. "I'm not mad." I interrupted. I love her. My mom screamed. Soon after I was asked to talk to the school counselor. I kept muttering I love my principal. To make matters worse, I got suspended for the time being and then they expelled me.

One day I was watching my gerbils. Cupid sot me. I fell in love with my gerbils. I took them out of their cage. I kissed them 50 times. I got little red dots on my face. Cupid shot my mom. My mom fell in love with some noodless. My dad fell in love with the shower. My brother fell in love with me. We had a pizza party. We watched TV. We had fun.

One day I was in my classroom and I raised my hand and then Cupid appeared and shot me. And Ms. Marshall called on me and I said, "I love you." And she said, "Go flip a card." And I said, "I love you." and she called my mom. And my mom said when we get home you go up in your room. And I said, "I love Ms. Marshall." And my mom and Ms. Marshall fainted and everyone in the classroom partied and wated American Idol and had cheese popcorn.

One day I was walking by the curb. I looked up. I thought I saw a witch but there's no such thing. Suddenly I saw a cat. Cupid shot me with a heart shaped arrow. I opened my eyes. I saw a black colored cat. I fell in love with the cat. My mom said I could keep the cat. I named the cat Babybob.


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