Saturday, January 14, 2006

It Doesn't Matter

by Evan A.

One day, four mice were walking along the prairie. The mice were so busy looking at the sky, which looked depressing and grey, that they failed to notice the large and completely noticible hole in front of them. Suddenly, all four mice fell screaming into the dark, dry hole. All but one of the mice started to panic. One mouse went insane and started running around the hole screaming,''Hee hee hee'' over and over again.

One mouse started to scream for help until he lost his voice. One mouse tried to climb out of the hole, but it was too hard and too deep, so the mouse fell and broke his leg. But one mouse remained calm, and when the grey sky began pouring a flood of rain, all the mice floated out. Today, the insane mouse is in therapy, the mouse that broke his leg is on crutches, the mouse that lost his voice still can't talk, and the mouse that remained calm got hit by a gasoline truck two minutes after he got out of the hole.

Moral: It pays to be calm, but it doesn't matter if you're a mouse.


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