Monday, January 16, 2006

Retaliation Power

by Jonathan

TLet me tell you a secret you must promise to keep.One day Leopard and Gazelle were playing around in the field. They came across many bones of dead sheep. Gazelle was going to tell his parents.

Leopard said,"Let me tell you a secret you must promise to keep. If you don't keep the promise, it will be the end of our friendship. "

Gazelle promised that he would not tell his parent this secret. Gazelle told his parents, and then Gazelle's parents phoned Leopard's parents. Leopard was grounded that week. Leopard was so angry he ate his best friend. From that day on Gazelle broke a secret in Leopard's stomach.

(Don't break secrets)
* There are some cases where you have to break secrets.

Note: I know this last batch of stories have seemed kind of extreme, but I promise they're genuine. The kids are Canadian, if that clears anything up.


Anonymous Crystal- future teacher said...

I like Jonathan,he has a great imagination with his story. Also, his story is very funny. Keep writing Jonathan you could be a action writer some day.

1:45 PM  

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