Friday, January 13, 2006

Mouse and Mongoose

by Jordan

A mongoose named RickLong ago Freddy the mouse went to school for the first time, but since he was the only mouse; he made friends with a Mongoose named Rick. After school, Robert, Cedric and Blaine, the weasels, tied up Rick and left him behind. Freddy came along and saw that Rick was in need of help so he chewed him free of the ropes that held him down.

“Thanks, that was a close call,” said Rick, “I could have been left there all night!”

Eventually Freddy and Rick became such good friends that they would have each other over every Friday.

A fatal error
One day, when Freddy’s family was getting ready for dinner, an evil cobra named Osama Binladin snuck into his house to eat Freddy and his family. Meanwhile Rick’s dad was walking Rick to Freddy’s house, and when they got there Rick’s dad came in and saved the day. Freddy’s mom called the Rodent Canadian Mounted Police.

There was a party because the notorious Osama Binladin was gone. At the party the weasels wanted to go for a canoe ride. When they got far out, Blaine stood up, which proved to be a fatal error because the canoe tipped and the Weasels were never seen again.

Moral: don’t stand up in a canoe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A more fitting moral: fifth-graders mustn't play with semi-colons.

9:15 PM  

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