Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brave Stories

by Mrs. Underwood's third grade class

Brave Brad
I was scared but brave.
One time my family went to Mass, and when it was over I was dumb enough to go ahead of my mom. I got lost for a very long time. When no one was there anymore, I got scared but I had an idea. I walked to my grandmaw and grandpaw's house. When I got there I told them the whole thing. Then they called my parents and told them to pick me up. I was scared but brave.

Brave Erica (and her twin sister)
She got a red cast and I got a spanking.
When I was three at my house, I was on the slide. My sister was in front. I pushed her. She held on with one arm. She flipped off and broke her arm. I went to the hospital with her. She got a red cast and I got a spanking. Emily and I were brave.

Brave Lauren
I did not like that answer.
I was in the hospital for three days and two nights. It was last year. I had oxygen. It was very uncomfortable. I could not sleep at all. I would ask my mom if I could take the oxygen off, but she would say no. I did not like that answer. I had to have a breathing treatment every day but still I was brave.

Brave Brandi
This guy found me and brought me home.
When I was 7 years old, I was going to ride my new purple bike. So I was in a hurry. My Dad went to get the camcorder. I was trying to rode it alone and I fell off. I was crying. This guy found me and brought me home. I was scared, but I was brave.

Brave Brittany
Some people said it was a tornado watch.
I got lost at my school fair and I couldn't find my mom. But then I found my sister and she was looking for me. My mom was looking for me too. So it turned out to be a whole big mess. Some people said it was a tornado watch but it was a hail storm. I was scared but I was brave!

Brave Michael C.
They grinded the rust out.
Once when I was four years old, I went to the beach and got some old rust in my eyes. So I had to go to the hospital and get the rust grinded out. They brought me in a room where they put me on a table and put me to sleep with some sleeping gas. While I was asleep, they grinded the rust out. When I woke up, I had a patch on my eye. I was nervous, but I was brave.


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