Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What I Want To Learn in Kindergarten

At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Wallin and Mrs. VanVeldhuizen asked their class what they wanted to learn in kindergarten. These are their responses.

Mallory - about clothes
Ally - numbers and letters
Adam - play games
Hailey - all about ponies
Tyler - about the army
Cory - how to grow a flower
Trevor T. - dump trucks
Cede - computers
Jacob - how to be a big kid
Destiny - about cutters
Nick - how to color
Autumn - why worms like to eat apples
Meressa - to make a ballerina
Gunnerr - to write better
Matthew - to read
Lexi - how to whistle
Kaleb - about the alphabet and listening to the teacher
Makenzie - how to play doctor
Sydney - how to draw a cat
Charlie - about apple trees and dinosaurs and tractors
Emerald - about Barbies
Michael - the computers
Zach - about apples
Steven - about sharing
Kaylie - how to take care of babies
Trevor S. - how to make a paper airplane
Parker - how to tie my shoes
Chaya - how to take care of adults
Emma - what do teachers do
Betty - how to be safe on the bus
Emily - how to say what time it is
Slade - numbers
Cameron - to play at recess
Samantha - who goes first
Montanna - to read stories
Alex - about eating
Trent - art
Madison M. - how to be popular
Thomas - about dinosaurs
Marcus - about bears
Luke - numbers
Clint - about Jesus
Zoe - how to write
Ethan - all about dinosaurs
Gabby - about dogs
Rori - about animals
Robyn B. - about horsies
Halie - how to paint
Rylee - how to blow a bubble


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