Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Stories, pt. 2: Ms. Kennedy's Second Grade class

Elsa the Witch by Mercedes H.

Elsa the WitchThere once was a witch. Her name was Elsa. She was a very bad witch. She would pick on another witch about her toes. Elsa would scare kids by jumping in their window.

One day her best friend didn't want to be her friend anymore. She was sad. Soon she had to go to witch school to learn her manners. She learned to be nice and respect others.

Soon she had to learn how to drive a car. Then her friend was proud of her. Then they were friends again.

Haunted Mansion by Adrian G.

There was a creepy haunted mansion. In the walls there were creepy spiders, mummies, and zombies.

The upstairs had broken windows. It was dark and filled with shadows.

There was a key that opened a secret door and secret passages.

One night the ghosts were eating cookies and milk.

The Vampires were sleeping until the ghosts woke up the Vampires. The Vampires tried to bite the ghosts, but they always fell down.

Then the ghosts finished their milk and cookies.

The Girl Who Freed the People in the Eerie Haunted House by Yessenia M.

The Girl Who Freed the People in the Eerie Haunted HouseOnce there was a nice pleasant house. A mother, a father, and their daughter lived there. But one day a volcano erupted. The family escaped just in time. The house was ruined.

Five years Later, a witch found the house. "I will be Queen of this house, she cackled. The windows were broken, there were at least One hundred spiders and cobwebs. There was a graveyard. It was the perfect place for a witch.

A week later she told one hundred ghosts about all her witch friends and forty bats. The bats, witches, and ghosts built more rooms in the house. They named it Eery Hanuted House.

Fifty people, thinking the Haunted House was pretend, went in there. But the ghosts pushed them down the stairs while the bats blinded themand the witches took them tothe Witch Queen. Then she locked them in a coffin. They will never escape thought the witch.

Four years later, the girl who used to live there, now sixteen, came to the house. The ghosts pushed her down the stairs, while the bats blinded her while the witches brought her to the Witch Queen. But alas, no more coffins! She escaped, freed the people, and they lived happily ever after.


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