Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Stories, pt. 3: Ms. Lesher's Fifth Grade class

These stories were apparently begun by one student and then passed on to a new student to write each paragraph.

'Cher's Halloween' begun by Caitlin C.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cher. It was Halloween night and it was cold, rainy, and dark like every Halloween. I had just gotten my costume on to go trick or treating. My friend Amber came to my house so that we could go trick or treating. When Amber got here she said, "Are you ready?"

I said, "Yeah." First we went to my neighbor's house but no one was home. It was weird because they said they would be home. So we went to the next house. No one was there either. We went to every house on the block and no one was home. We went to every house on the next block and no one was there either. Finally all the people on the block after that were all home.

The curfew was 7:00 and it was 7:30 so we had to go. When we got home our parents weren't there. It was weird. We went into the kitchen and my mom and dad were bleeding to death. We both screamed. We called the paramedics. When they came, they took Amber and me to the hospital. Finally, my parents came back, but they were still in a coma. Three days later, they both came back. But there still is an unsolved mystery that Amber and I will never forget!!!!!!!

'A Scary Squirrely Tale' begun by Jeffrey S.

Lightning flashed, thunder roared as the squirrel got torn limb from limb. But the cat gave no mercy. I TOLD YOU NOT TO ENTER THE BACKYARD.

Hi, I'm Joey, the Squirrel. I got killed by a stupid cat. But when I was growing up, one of them was baby-sitting me. I figured that he wasn't very mature. So I tricked him and that was my first trick ever. Now, that I'm dead it's easy to trick them. So nowadays whenever I see a cat , I run and scare the daylights out of them. My brother got eaten by one of those evil cats. He got eaten by a Siamese cat so he died for good. I, on the other hand, got eaten by an alley cat so I'm a ghost.

So If you bother any squirrels you better watch out because I`ll get you!

'The Spooky Haunted House' begun by Catherine M.

Last Halloween I went to a haunted house. When I knocked on the door a very spooky mummy opened the door. It grabbed me and pulled me into the door. I turned around and it was gone. The house looked kind of spooky to me, and after that mummy grabbed me I got kind of freaked out. So I ran to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. I decided to look around the house and see if there was anyone home, or if there was a telephone I could use.

First I entered the dining room. At least I think that it was the dining room. I mean for all I know it could have been the basement! It looked hideous!!! The new kid at school grabbed me by the throat and kept saying, "You are now my girlfriend."

I said, "NO! NO! NO! I am eighteen years old and I don't want a boyfriend like you!"

Later that evening in a small cramped room he said, "You will never leave this house again!"

"Oh well," I said as I fell into a sleep.

Suddenly I woke up. I walked outside, nothing stopped me. It almost seemed like a bad dream. Maybe it was. No! It couldn't be if it was too real. Then I had an idea. Maybe the whole thing was part of the haunted house. I decided it was.

But the next day in school, he came up to me and said, "Next Halloween I will get you." I ran home as soon as school had ended. First I convinced my mom that we needed to move. That wasn't hard. My mom never had liked the neighborhood. Then that night we both convinced my dad. The next month we moved.

My new neighborhood is fine, But I still remember last Halloween. It was the scariest Halloween I have had.

'Deadly Halloween' begun by Ariana B.

It was a dark scary night and, I was all alone. Suddenly I heard a rapping at my door!!! I saw a headless person outside my door. Blood was oozing out of a big cut on his neck. I was really scared, so I shut the door.

I went inside my room because my parents weren't home. I was laying down and I heard another noise. It came from my window.

I was about to close my drapes and a ghost came up and screamed, "Beware, Beware stay away from the Old Messerman Place."

Now I was reading a story about a house called the old Messerman place. Just then the doorbell rang. I jumped! It was just my brother's girlfriend, Janet. I'm not fond of her but she seems to like me. She came to eat dinner here. And then she and my brother Steve were going out to the movies.

I am bored to death now, and things just got worse because mom told me that Steve and Janet were taking me trick-or-treating when they came back from the movies.

When Janet arrived, she said she would kill me and Steve if we did not give her 100,000 million dollars. But we did not have the money so I took a knife and slashed her neck off. The next second she died.

Later that night I thought about what happened, at first I felt bad then I felt HAPPY! It felt good and bad at the same time. Then a cold wind went by me.

The next day I was expecting my parents to come home from their vacation. They didn't. Since I didn't know that, I got so anxious that I made food, decorated the house, and all those other things. My parents came home latter that night. Their plane had been very late. The next morning we had a big breakfast.

'Chain Saw' begun by Chirag B.

It was a dark stormy night at Chicago Lab School. I was all alone at the front of Blaine Hall. Suddenly I heard a noise that sounded like a chain saw, but I wasn't sure.

I followed the sound and it took me outside. Right then I saw a man with a chain saw get struck by lightning. I had not realized it was lightning. Suddenly he came back to life. I was so scared I didn't even scream. Instead I fainted. When I woke up, I was in land where there was no light. There was nothing it seemed like. There was a mist all around me and the single weeping willow. Then I saw something move. It was purple vomit!!!

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Then it said something, "Yummie!"

Later that day I saw some of that stuff and looked at it for a long time. Carefully coming up to it, I touched it, yuck.

It moved around and around me, and then took the shape of a furball, it bounced around making weird sounds, friend, yip yip yap, yip yip yap. "What the??"

I stuck my hand near it. "Arrrrr, ccrrr," it said.

"OWW!! You bit me!!" I tried it's language, "Woy."

It said something. ''Leave or die. I will hunt you down anyway".

Suddenly I remembered that my dad had given me a knife for my 11th birthday. I took it out of my pocket and stabbed the guy, but he didn't even get hurt. Suddenly I realized I was having a dream and woke up.

'Attack of the Hamburgers Story' begun by Octavian C.

Note: This story deserves to be included if only for the reference to the Arch Deluxe

It was a dark night and I was all alone. Then all of a sudden a giant hamburger jumped out. It was big.

I got out my machine gun and shot it right between the eyes. Then it got mad and shot out ten chicken nuggets. I started running. It threw two huge ketchup bottles. They crashed on top of me. Then came an arch deluxe (without fries). It ate me up. I smelled the nasty smell of BACON. Since I still had a rifle I shot a hole in its side and crawled out. It was dead so I broke off a chunk since I was hungry and ate it with extra ketchup.

As I finished eating, the monster hamburger turned me into the monster!!!! I ate everything in site as I became bigger, and bigger. I went outside. I started eating people. (They tasted pretty good too.) I ate more and more until I had eaten almost everybody in town. I felt kind of ashamed of myself so.... I barfed them all up. Then a HUGE burp came out. I felt better. After I burped I went back to normal.

When I got home I went to sleep. I had dreams about the Arch Deluxe, the hamburger.

The next day I got chased by french fries. When I got to a telephone I called my friend Jerry. When he got here I gave him a pill that made him get machine guns, bombs, grenades, and med kits. Then we shot the french fries to Satan. (AIR MIAL!) Then a hash brown jumped down near Jerry. Jerry shot it. Then all of a sudden a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL Big Mac jumped out and ate Jerry. It ate me too. After that all the hamburgers invaded the planet.


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