Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dear Hurricane Victim

by Crystal, Mrs. Baldwin's fifth grade

Dear Hurricane Victim,
My name is Crystal. I am 10 years old. I am writing you a letter from East North Street Academy in Greenville, South Carolina. Were you a victim of the recent hurricanes? I have not been in a hurricane. I hope I am never in a hurricane. Are you interested in hurricanes? They are neat to look at but they are not neat to be in. My birthday is in February. When is your birthday?
P.S. Please write me a letter telling me about yourself and answer my questions if you have time.


Blogger js3000 said...

I absolutely love this site.

I did my master's thesis at KU teaching K-2 about product design and it was amazing.

I administered two questionnaires "What is Art?" and "What is Design?" and those answers crack me up.

Where do you get your content from?

(Drop me an email at toremisvt*orf@yah*

(remove the stars.)

11:03 AM  

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