Friday, April 07, 2006


by Sydney, 4th grader

“Kelly-Jo is so popular,” Anna said to Estella. “I wish I was that popular too,” said Anna.

Anna and Estella were best friends. They were in highschool and were not popular, but wished to be.

“Oh look, Kelly-Jo is coming. Act Cool.”
“Hi nerds,” Kelly-Jo said to Anna and Estella.
“Why can’t we be popular,” Estella said. I wonder if there is a way to become popular."
“I’ve got an idea,” Anna exclaimed. “Maybe our moms could take us shopping at 2 Popular, and buy us some clothes.”
“I’ll ask my mom if you will ask yours,” Anna said to Estella.
“O.K.,” Estella said. “Bye,” Estella said to Anna.
“Wait,” Anna exclaimed. Where will we meet."
“Lets meet at 2 Popular on Saturday.”

It was Saturday, the girls met at 2 Popular. Anna asked Estella how much money her mom gave her.
Estella replied, “$70.00.”
“I only have $60.00,” Anna said.
Lets start shopping the girls agreed. The two girls shopped until they dropped. They used all the money.

On Monday the girls walked over to where they usually stood in the morning and waited for Kelly-Jo to pass by.
“Here she comes,” Anna said. “Act cool.”
Kelly-Jo walked up to Anna and Estell and asked if they wanted to hang out with them. Guess what they said.


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