Sunday, August 20, 2006


by Becca

Fortunately, Jamie and John were going to Disneyland. They were twelve year old twins.

Unfortunately, they had an hour to pack for a week trip.

Fortunately, they were almost done.

Unfortunately, they had to leave that second or else they would miss their flight.

Fortunately, they were ready to leave.

Unfortunately, John had to go to the bathroom.

Fortunately, he went fast.

Unfortunately, Jamie forgot her pillow.

Fortunately, she had already packed it.

Unfortunately, they only had five minutes to get there.

Fortunately, they got there in time.

Unfortunately, they didn't get their seats on the plane.

Fortunately, two people got on the wrong plane so Jamie and John got their seats.

Unfortunately, one of the wings on the plane was broken.

Fortunately, it just looked like that.

Unfortunately, it did have a hole in it. Oh no! We crashed! Then they got stuck and were never going to make it to Disneyland.

Fortunately, the plane had crashed into Disneyland. They were at Disneyland!! Then the twins cheered happily, "Yeah!!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my, there are so many denials and contradictions in this thing, but I still love it. Violent ending though; hopefully nobody died in that Disneyland plane crash.

2:34 PM  

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