Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Magic Eggs

by Kayla, 2nd grader

One day a little girl was doing a lot of work. Her sitters made her do all the work. So the girl ran and ran until she came to an old house. She looked in the old house. She saw an old lady.
“ Can you help me?” said the girl.
“ My sitters are making me do all the work”.
The lady knew just what to do.
“ Go to the backyard and take the things that say 'Take me'”.
So the girl did, and when she was walking home the lady said,
“ Toss them over your head”.

Later, the sitters came in the room with pink dust all over them.
“ What would you like?” they said.
“ A drink”, the girl said.
Then her dad came home and he said, “Go get me a drink”.
When the sitters left, the drink was already there.
“ What!” he said.
“ What happened in here?”
“ It’s a long story”, said the girl.

The End


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