Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leprechaun Wishes

Mrs. Nash's second graders were asked to imagine that they caught a leprechaun. Here are the wishes that would need to be granted in order for the little guy to be released!

1. I wish for a pot of gold to go and see my cousins.
2. I wish my name was Ice Cream.

1. I wish that I could have 100 holographics so I could have a big collection of them.
2. I wish I could have 20 presents so I could give them to charity.
3. I wish I could get smarter with more books.

1. I wish for almost all of the children's books in the world so I could give half of them to the poor and elderly and give some to my family and then I would keep the rest.
2. I wish I had $1,000,000. I would give half to the poor and elderly and half to my family so I wouldn't be a spoiled brat.
3. I wish I could travel in time and I could go to Laura Ingells house and meet her.

1. I wish for another hermit crab because they like having friends.
2. I wish for a war game table because I like playing the games. I also want more pieces for the game.
3. I wish for a play pen for the other pet hermit crab. I want a bigger pen this time because tdhe cage has to have a heat lamp on it.


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